We teach our students to "become musicians, not robots!"

If you’re stuck only reading Tablature or Sheet Music, then you’re limited by whatever tabs you have, or what you have memorized.  But! If you learn how music works as a language, then you can have fun for hours making things your own!

Leo Stevens
Leo Stevens
If you are even thinking about learning guitar, getting better at guitar or want to have fun while you are learning music, take the free introductory lesson with Chris. You will sign up on the spot!! Chris is an excellent musician, a great teacher and an even better motivator. You will WANT to practice to improve and learn more. Chris makes it fun and pushes you to achieve YOUR goals. You will be playing songs and riffs right away ( I learned the theme from Batman the first lesso--LOL , it is really easy but hey, I learned a song). Chris keeps the class moving forward, challenging each student to the level of their ability and where they are in their musical journey. We learned a song last week and jammed. The beginners (me and another) played simple chords on the beat. The more experienced students played harmonies, solos and melodies. The advanced students improvised. End result, we all played togehter and the song sounded awesome. This group activity makes you want to practice to get better and you can not wait for the next class. Chris is always positive, helps each student through their sticking points ( I have big sausage fingers so getting a clear sound is a challenge right now, Chris works with me every week providing various exercises to help me improve and it works!!!) Come join us, take the introductory lesson and set some goals and jam on.
P. Myles Velazquez
P. Myles Velazquez
What a great experience so far. What I wanted out of guitar lessons is not what I have received. It's been a great deal more. I went in wanting to play the basic acoustic guitar. Chris has educated me on the technical aspects of playing which have enhanced my skill tremendously. The group class is better than I thought as it gives you time to practice a new skill that you just learned while Chris is teaching others. Music is therapeutic and so is this class. Chris has great energy and personality! You'll love it!
Jim Norlin
Jim Norlin
Very helpful and not boring. My daughter is enjoying the experience
Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper
My mom wanted me to get into guitar. At first I thought that it was just going to be another instrument that I’m gonna be forced to learn and that I’m gonna quit in a couple months. As soon as I meat Chris in person however, I saw that he was different from the rest. He was passionate and very excitable. I could to relate to his spastic attitude which helped a lot. What was different about his teaching style from the rest of the teachers that I had was that he picked songs that guitar players would want to learn and encouraged you to pick your own songs to learn. As I had more lessons with him, I realized how knowledgeable he is when it came to music theory and how he simplified it so well that a even toddler could understand it. I also like the group lessons he uses. It makes it feel like there is less pressure on you personally and gives a sense of relatability to the other players around you. I think Chris Hirsch is the best music teacher I have ever had, so much so that he inspired me to chase a career in music. 11/10, would absolutely recommend.
Jenny Ensminger
Jenny Ensminger
Chris is an exceptional teacher! He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic & so much fun! My son loves going to class every week!
Abigail Henkel
Abigail Henkel
I absolutely love doing lessons at Hirsch Guitar Academy! I am constantly encouraged and challenged to be better and to advance my skills. He teaches a wide variety of topics and really hones in on what each students passion and likes are. Every lesson is high energy and will you leave wanting to learn more! Would suggest lessons here to anyone looking to commit and want to learn guitar!
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker
I’ve played guitar for a few years. I had never taken lessons and I was ready to take my guitar knowledge and playing to the next level. Chris has been the perfect fit for what I wanted and needed to do that. He has expanded and improved everything from my technique, theory, comping and becoming the “Rock Star” I was meant to be. Ha. I’m still trying to get him to do a stage presence series of lessons where he can show us his crazy stage presence. Long story short, he’s not your Grandmaw’s guitar teacher. If you want progressive in your face exciting lessons that will challenge you to learn and improve quickly.......Chris is your guy.
Sign It, Inc.
Sign It, Inc.
I have always wanted to learn how to play guitar I am glad I did. This guy is awesome Going in and not knowing anything about the craft Chris makes it so easy. Thank you bruh for what you do and how you do it. If it sounds good it’s good.
Cinder Puckett
Cinder Puckett
My 12 year old daughter absolutely loves the instructors and she is learning quickly! Well worth the investment!

Our Focus:

Coaching & training
Talking & lecturing

Basically, we take the approach of a sports team instead of your typical music lessons.

I’ve always found it strange that most music lessons spend so much time talking about ideas instead of actually building the muscle memory necessary to execute techniques on the instrument.

Instead, every lesson here has large amounts of time dedicated to drills building your fundamental techniques so you’re better every time you leave.

Imagine if instead of spending time drilling passing, shooting, and teamwork for hours every week, basketball players instead met once a week for 30 minutes to talk about the principles of basketball.

What would happen when the team tried to come together to play a game?

That team would be CRUSHED.
Why is music different?

Here are just a few of the things that set us apart:

  • Curriculum created from scratch for ROCK Guitar (no Ode to Joy)
  • Lessons are for PLAYING and EXERCISES instead of just talking about theories. We’ll have you playing real rock songs from day 1!
  • Focus on Practical Theory for guitar, not random stuff you’ll never use as a guitarist.

The Curriculum is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a professional level, gig-ready guitar ninja in about 4 years. Here are the cliff notes of what you’ll learn:

Multiple Convenient Locations!

Bossier City, LA

Located on Texas St. Between the Airline and Industrial exits off I20!

Ruston, LA

Located in Downtown Ruston between Visual Differences and No. 9 Books!

Online (learn at home!)

We currently offer Group Coaching, Private Coaching, and even a few courses (coming soon!) all available online in the comfort of your own home! You can use these as supplements to your in-person sessions or as a stand alone service.

We offer tons of fun Guitar Focus Areas

How will you level up?

Lead Guitar Technique

Ranging from fiery passages from Van Halen to melodic "slow hand" like Eric Clapton, develop your chops and play those amazing solos effortlessly!

"Practical" Music Theory

Instead of learning a bunch of theory "just because," we focus on teaching you the stuff that will actively make a difference in your playing! Imagine knowing how to effortlessly create progressions and solos instead of wasting time on obscure things that 97.3% of guitar players will never need to use.

Rhythm Guitar Technique

Whether it's strumming for campfire acoustic songs, or laying down amazing metal riffs, you gotta be able to hold down the rhythm!

Personal Setlist (Repertoire)

It's important that in addtion to learning lots of techniques, scales, chords, theory, etc that you also spend time playing songs you like. Having fun is important to continuing progress over the long-haul!


One of the most fun and best ways to test your working ability and practical knowledge is to learn and practice the art of improvisation. Whether it's ripping solos or basic melodies, this is a great area to work on to get those creative juices flowing!

Playing with others

At the end of the day, music is kind of boring if it's just you playing to a wall. One of the main areas we dedicate a good bit of time to is being comfortable in group settings!

Chris Hirsch

Head Instructor/Owner

Danny Kirkpatrick

Young Rockstar Creation Specialist

our work inspires smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success

So, what do I need to do?

It’s as easy as following these simple steps:

  1. Click the “Book a Free Intro Lesson” button below.
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  3. We’ll reach out and set up your free intro lesson.
  4. During the intro, we’ll help you choose a program and schedule your first month of lessons.
  5. Start seeing amazing results immediately!


At Hirsch Guitar Academy, we understand that committing to something long-term can be daunting. That’s why we only require a commitment to one month at a time. Our tuition is auto-billed on a monthly basis, and you can quit at any time. However, we’re confident that you’ll love our lessons so much that guitar lessons with us will be the highlight of your week! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started on your guitar journey together!

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