Become a Musician, Not a Robot!

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A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

from zero to guitar hero

We’ve created a curriculum from scratch that focuses on spending time PLAYING GUITAR instead of just talking/lecturing during lessons. In addition, we teach Practical Music Theory as it applies specifically to guitarists for improvising, writing, and playing with others instead of just a bunch of information that most people will never need.

The Curriculum is designed to take you from a complete beginner to a professional level, gig-ready guitar ninja in about 4 years. Here are the cliff notes of what you’ll learn:

Lead Guitar Technique

Ranging from fiery passages from Van Halen to melodic "slow hand" like Eric Clapton, develop your chops and play those amazing solos effortlessly!

"Practical" Music Theory

Instead of learning a bunch of theory "just because," we focus on teaching you the stuff that will actively make a difference in your playing!

Rhythm Guitar Technique

Whether it's strumming for campfire acoustic songs, or laying down amazing metal riffs, you gotta be able to hold down the rhythm!

Personal Setlist (Repertoire)

It's important that in addtion to learning lots of techniques, scales, chords, theory, etc that you also spend time playing songs you like. Having fun is important to continuing progress over the long-haul!


One of the most fun, and best ways to test your working ability and practical knowledge is to learn and practice the art of improvisation. Whether it's ripping solos or basic melodies, this is a great area to work on to get those creative juices flowing!

Playing with others

At the end of the day, music is kind of boring if it's just you playing to a wall. One of the main areas we dedicate a good bit of time to is being comfortable in group settings!

Fretboard Visualization

The amount of stuff you know is useless if you can't see where it fits on the fretboard. We make sure that all students know "where" the stuff they've learned actually fits together for maximum retention and usefulness!

Famous Riffs and Licks

In addition to getting to pick what you enjoy for your personal setlist, we also have several of the greatest riffs and licks of all time in the curriculum to learn and analyze! One of the best ways to learn how to use what you know is to see how the greats have done it before.

Practice Time Strategies

We'll help you get to your goals as fast as possible by giving you several specific practicing strategies that will ensure you become an amazing player as fast as possible. There are no shortcuts, but there are absolutely faster vehicles!

Bossier City, LA

Located near the up-and-coming section of Bossier by Flying Heart and Frozen Pirogue.

Ruston, LA

Located in Downtown Ruston between Visual Differences and No. 9 Books!

Online (learn at home!)

We currently offer Group Coaching, Private Coaching, and even a few courses (coming soon!) all available online in the comfort of your own home! You can use these as supplements to your in-person sessions or as a stand alone service.

Rise to the top

Get good fast

Using our built-from-scratch curriculum and our coaching vs teaching philosophy, we regularly have students doing in 4-6 years what it took Chris 8-10!

count on us

We’ve had students as young as 5 and as old as 84, ranging from Shred Metalheads to Acoustic Campfire Strummers.  We’ve helped them all move towards their goals and become better players.

there are no shortcuts

but there are faster vehicles

There unfortunately is no magic wand that we can wave to instantly make you an amazing player. BUT! What we can do is ensure that you are following the singular most optimal path to your goals and not going in circles lost in the proverbial woods.

We’ll lay down the yellow brick road so you never have to wonder what you should be working on next.

We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Certainly! Basically everything is available for free these days somewhere on the internet.  What you’re paying for with us is the certainty of what to learn when and the countless hours you’ll save in the process! Not to mention the expertise of someone in the room able to correct any technique issues and nip bad habits in the bud!

We think that it’d be silly for a basketball coach to explain a concept to his team for 30 minutes once a week and then expect them to go home and practice. Why is guitar any different?

While we certainly go to the board to explain new concepts from time to time, the large majority of lesson time is devoted to PLAYING and burning things into your muscle memory so it’s always readily available!

That depends on what program you end up enrolling in!  We offer everything from focused practice sessions to Improvisation classes to Private Lessons that all range in price.

Most students end up paying between $150-$400 / month, but we offer a free intro lesson to go over your goals and see what programs would be the best fit!

If you come to all your lessons, focus while you’re here, and practice at least 15 minutes a day on average, ABSOLUTELY!  Most of our students progress about 2-3 times faster than Chris did when he was learning.

We have checklists for every level built-in to our curriculum.  You’ll start as a “White Belt” working on your “Red Belt” and continue progressing all the way to “Black Belt” Guitar Ninja!

Don’t put it off any longer! Even if it isn’t with us, go find a teacher that you like and trust to help you towards your goals! Every day you put it off is one more day that it is less likely to ever happen.

Not only do we offer a FREE introductory lesson to get to know you and make sure that we’re a good fit for each other; we also GUARANTEE to have you reading basic music and playing your first song in 30 minutes or your money back. 😉

Learn a Simple Song for free in 30 minutes = 100%

Satisfied Customers (per reviews) = 100%

Our amazing student testimonial page = priceless